Taking my plants outside to flower for 12 hours

I started my indoor grow February 1st, I had them in my tent and know that hours have changed where I live where I can give my plants 12 hours A-day light. They’re taking off getting bigger than ever, Compared to my lights the sun is working great. Even though I started them off indoors and they were flowering and door. Like at week 6 I started to take them outside for 12 hours dim bring them inside. What kind of growing would you want to call That? greenhouse

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Are they photos or autos?

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Photos thats why i got them on a 12 / 12 schedule

But check this out there getting way bigger than what my led lights.i also was using a gavita pro hps

Plants love the real sunshine :sun_with_face: :sunglasses:

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Im gonna be doing the same in about a month or so. Take my outside plants inside for 12hr of darkness