Taking longer to fill and ship orders?

Is anyone finding it’s taking longer for sellers to get orders together and ship them out? Not talking about the actual shipping time. One item I ordered was filled and had a shipping label created 7 days ago and it’s just sitting there. Another was placed 9 days ago and not filled yet. Two more have done nothing yet. All from different fairly well know companies. Not complaining it just seems suddenly this is growing. Guess I need to get my orders in a couple months ahead of time lol. I did contact a couple of them and at least got replies in a timely manner. It’s the covid thing ya know.

yeah i think several of the seed banks are running slow , i just ordered some tonight that is for my january 1st grow just because of that lol


I’ve noticed slightly longer delivery times,so I am stocking up.The way this crazy ass world is right now I don’t want to be caught short.


That’s where I’m at now! Getting caught short!


ILGM has been the fastest by far,Seedsman taking like 50-60 days,got my beans from ILGM in less then 3 weeks.


For sure it has, my Amazon 2 day prime, has easily stretched to a week for the past 2 months on most orders. Bills seem to be showing up just real timely in the mail thou.


Its not just Seed Banks this is happening to. I had 1 package that took 6 weeks to ship from California during a Pandemic. Like the Postal Lady said they are having massive walkouts due to the virus. I watch Chicago hold a package for 2 months this year.

Luckily for me I havr a massive Seed Bank of around 900 seeds. Before all the seeds I got from two Autos I purposely crop dusted. :+1::+1::+1:


My seeds from ILGM came in 4 days!


Didn’t Amazon announce that it will Not ship seeds because of the mystery seeds coming from China? Maybe that will spread to seed bans at other shipping companies. Not that I order seeds from Amazon, yet.

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Saw the memo but dont recall if it’s all seeds or all seeds from china even if you order them?

I believe people were receiving packages of mystery seeds that they did not order. They don’t know what kind of seeds they were. These were not shipped by Amazon, but Amazon announced a policy to prevent it. I’m not sure how Amazon would detect seed shipments, but they said they would block them.

Here’s a comment:
“scams involving seed packets in international mail shipments are not uncommon,” the USDA said. “U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has intercepted similar seed shipments in recent years.”

So I think the US Customs and Border Protection are the govt agency that we worry about when ordering cannabis seeds for US delivery. Again, I wonder how they detect seeds in a shipping box.


I’d imagine a good bit of detection is weight to stated content raises a red flag plus xrays to content dont match up. Etc.

I have 4 ounces of seeded Royal Purple Kush I purposely dusted 2 years ago but I got tired of the same thing over and over but I have emergency seeds for a long time and am building up my seed bank slowly,mostly ILGM and Seedsman.Love their freebies.