Taking long to dry

Im currently on day 5 of drying i did a wet trim and its still wet like if i cut it yesterday type stuff, maybe its bc i had watered that day or the day before and i cut after since it was an emergency Should i be fine ? I have 2 fans and a ceeling fan running 24/7 with darkness.

I trimmed some and its still sticky to the touch

Temp and humidity?

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i dont gotta temp gadge in their its like a cool fresh room they still seem a bit wet to the touch.

i juss put a temp gadge in the string next to the bud thats drying

63-70 at around 45-50% humidity and you’ll be fine. If you can lower the rh gradually over next day or so


ill lyk what the temps and humidity is

temps are 64% and humidity is 63% i have the trimmed bud in some dog pampers to get the humidity a lil out of them bc they feel like still spongy to the touch of it

Paper bag works for that also. Bring temp up 68 or so and lower the rh a bit

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the dog pampers work good to but takes a lil ima just let it be for a whole night and aight sounds good