Taking forever to ambercize

Hey guys,
In Queens NY, I have a couple of feminized Girl Scout Cookies planted outdoors in 3-4 gallon pots in Happy Frog that have come along nicely. Had a couple of issues during their lifetime like a two week transplant shock period and a short overfertiliztion issue a few weeks back… They’re now 5 months old and about 9 weeks flowering nicely.
My current concerns are canoeing, curling upwards and downwards in some of the branches’ fan leaves and the fact that the milky trichomes are taking forever to transform to amber. Hopefully there’s no imbalance preventing their maturing.
Below are some current images…

Photo on 8-12-21 at 2.51 PM
Photo on 9-11-21 at 8.11 AM


Back off the nitrogen a little and mpk at 1 gram to a gallon
Spike the stalk with toothpicks and start ice baths
Azomite will help it Express your terpenes more and if you have a juicier get some good ripe fruit and juice it give at 1 cup to a gallon, pineapples, peaches, kiwis have all given me awesome results
Also adding red light in the 650 to 800 far red spectrum helps me out to
Amino acids are key it’s a rabbit hole of information but worth it also check your ph to so that every thing is on the same level

Hope this helps you

Let me add that I’ve only been using Jack’s Blossom Booster (10·30·20} for the last month and that the ph water going in is high 6s and drain water is low 6s coming out so soil may be slightly acidic.

Thanks, elliot

Stick to the jacks scedule. It’s lots of feed.

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