Taking cutting before changing to Bloom

My main chamber is readt to be change from Vegetation to Bloom. I am going to take clones (cutting). How long after taking cuttings should I wait to change over to Bloom?

Why take them before bloom?

Taking clones from plants that are flowering are hard to root. So take more cuttings. I did 2 and 1 rooted. Good luck.

The quesrions stated “readt (ready) to be change from Vegetation to Bloom”. How long after taking cuttings do I make the change from 18/6 to 12/12 lighting? I want the mothers to have time for have time to recover from the shock of the cutting…

Hi Mac,
I want to take the clones to keep the strain going Gold Leaf). Otherwise I would need to start from seed. Taking the clones prior to the 12/12 switch gets best rooting results as you are aware. (assuming).Forgive my attitude as this harvest is requred fot making Rick Simpson Oil and time is running out. F@#$ing Cancer.

Personally I have never had any problems rooting flowering clones, always near 100% success rate in my homemade DWC/bubble cloner.

And I have always taken the apical meristem top as my main clone to preserve genetics long before flowering, my first topping, a few weeks into veg for the normal training and topping.

I usually grow few, maybe only one, 1 pound or more – individual plants, I ScrOG, I don’t really SOG.

I believe a lot of people take their lower cuttings right at the transition to 12/12, the plant doesn’t start flowering at that very moment and it takes about two weeks for them to fully transition to the flowering phase, in my opinion this gives the plant more than enough time to heal and recover.