Taking a vote! Should I start bloom nutrients?!

Hi y’all. In sure we can all figure this out. 30 days in on autoflower cookies, banner and g glue… Should I start my foop bloom nutrients ?


I vote yes. You are in flowering now.


I’ll second the vote of yes. For the sane reason, I see flower, feed them.

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How long you think I’ve been flowing … not too long right? People say wait a minute , untill like now?


I begin flowering quantities of P and K a week before I flip to flowering.

Welcome ! I also vote start your Bloom nutes. Very nice plants.

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It has a long ways to go still at least another 16 weeks maybe but they will preflower in veg and once the pistils start heavy it will be in flower .

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My vote is yes. Gonna start sucking up that p/k.

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My vote is yes, nice looking plant’s Happy Growing.

Doesn’t make sense for autoflower… Maybe you got confused


@Kozmoz I can tell you have not growed enough of them if you think I’m confused !

bro… this is my first time… im not saying your wrong,… its just different then what everybody else says… im curious

Yes, start bloom nutes as they are in flowering.