Take two ...ppfd help

So I planted two more LSD autos on the 15th. They are doing great. I just transplanted them to the 3 gal. smart pot. We are just at week two but they are a hundred times better than the first two I attempted.
Question… Do I need to start moving my lights away from the plants and/or using the dial for my light strength? My ppfd at the moment is about 400 and that is about 8" from top of plants and 25% strength.

What ppfd are we shooting for now?

Thats a little high (ppfd) at that point. But keep a eye on it, should make some really tight node space. After about three weeks, you can really start to bump it up. A dli of 45 is a good range to get up to before the flip. I cant find the charts on my phone at moment just to many pictures on my phone. Not sure if this applies to autos though, i run photos only

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Its about time to increase the light intensity. If your off is at 400 right now, I’d slowly increase the height of the light from the canopy (2”-4”) every 3 days or so until you reach (no more than) 16” above canopy and increase the power output of your light until you reach a maximum of 600-650 ppfd. This should take you up to about 50-60% on the dimmer.

Once you reach flower, try to increase the strength of ppfd to 750-900 (upwards of 1000-1250 if introducing extra CO2 to your enclosed environment). This should put you about 80-100% of your lights dimmer option.

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Off to a great start. If you have a smartphone look up photone app, its free and it gives you DLI, Much easier to calculate then ppfd map. Good luck

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I’ve already failed with two autos… I’m trying again… And these really look great compared to the others. I’ll back off the light a little… Thank you

I’ve got it and it gives me both lol…I just went with the ppfd because I saw others referring to it a lot lol. I’m just tryin to fit in lol.

If you find it… Shoot me a copy?

Start your germination in a damp paper towel( double up paper towel: fold multiple times if needed, drench in water, ring out heavily until drops are very little to none).

Fold seed into paper towel. Place in an air tight container (if you buy sliced Turkey or Ham those containers work great) and place in dark/dry area.

Every day, while still in the dark/dry environment, open lid to container for about 5-10 minutes. This allows fresh air to enter containment vessel.

Continue this process until a 1/4” to 1” root tail emerges (usually 3-7 days, depending on strain).

If autos, try to start in the same container you plan to finish in. This means watering, even if 8 oz. is to much, the right amount at the correct intervals. Less root stress, more availability to top stress for pushing your auto to large amounts (again, I can’t stress this enough, dependent on strain).

If photos, transplanting can be done. This will amount some stress on the plant, but with unlimited veg time (depending on strain) you can allow proper time for recovery to allow for multiple transplants (again, strain).