Take every Topp of BUDS Blue Gorilla!

Hope for bigger buds like a raindrop.

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Lighting does play a big role in making denser nugs as I like to call them.


Got 480hlg and 2fat board on a fat aluminium plate,get them on Alibaba if I dont wrong.

My first thoughts Still see a lot of white. Possible could have chopped a little early.

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I believe what he is doing is using a technique where you cut off the top of the bud to make the bud fill out more… called back-filling, makes for big blocky buds.


That’s kinda what I thought as well. Saw a couple of videos on it again recently :v:

Yee thats right,Its clear,Cloud no Amb gets end of it but 2days ago I put in cheep led light Think 35W whid my P300 and thé hair was going to darker and after I put the other light she pulling white again. /Funny
And just smoke the hair Good.:sunglasses:

Samsung plates whid LM301B, Inventronics Driver

Can definitely tell it’s got alot of sativa showing in the buds
Might want to calibrate or check your lights and see if they are all at 100% and then put a level on them skewed or uneven lights will change the way they produce DJ short has some very good points on this in his books. I’m bringing this up because you have the power to put some rock’s out. So if every thing is good on your lights and nutrients then you probably didn’t get a good seed or one that is not the greatest examples of this strain I had some blue dream do this and just was airy and not very tight buds i think I did 80 or 85 days in flower it just never would bulk and finish. Another sore subject really hyped up strains but grows like b.s. couple examples slurricane, pink man glue, viper cookies, Rosa 1,

Thanks grower no problem whid light buds is rock hard on this blue gorilla and think comes from the sativa in gorilla glue, leavs look at same allmost.
Can see on the first bud I topped 2weeks ago looks like drop.

Sorry the samsung hlg is in other place.
G.B have the p300 and cheep led 30w board lot of red in it.