Take a look let me know if I need to do something

I started this grow on Aug. 2 Watering aprox. 6 oz. a day after transplanting to pot for pot. Our water here is somewhat alkaline base so I have to use acid down to get to 6.5 ph. Last check ppm was 615. Ckeck out the yellow developing. Should I be concerned?

Have you been feeding?

No. I was told that the mixer in the Pot for Pot soil has the right amount of fertilizer. Or I might be mistaken. Please advise…

@rfeist11 I also am in P4P set up. One plant with no nutes added and one with nutes added. As they are different strains and suffered different stresses, cannot say if one is better than the other.

I also read that no nutes would be needed for this set up. However, one poster here (forgot who, sorry - will look up to give appropriate credit) called and spoke with P4P and they said to add 1/4 if you like and see how the plant responds.

So, it’s your call as you will know the plants best as they develop.

For me, Northern Lights is being fed with Bloom nutrients at half strength while the Amnesia is getting no additional nutes. Amnesia is almost ready to harvest so no nutes anyway although she looks hungry! :crazy_face:

The NTN is now nine weeks into flowering and seems to be doing very well; no sings of nute burn.

Are you watering to run-off? I think you might not want to do that as you will deplete the nutes in the super soil. I think that was one mistake I did with the AMN and this may be why she looks hungry (also almost finished).

Well, hope this helps.

Good luck. Keep posted.

What’s the black thing in the soil?

That makes sense. Just a little nitrogen deficiency. But she should finish just fine.

That is the Jiffy Pod. The picture was taken right after watering.

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So in an effort to figure out the relationship between pH and PPM I’m just trying to get a handle on it. I have read that as you increase the pH level the PPM goes up as well. But just in reverse as the pH level drops or decreases so will the PPM. What I did this morning is I checked the ph and the PPM of the soil. I took the sample yesterday and let it sit or close to 24 hours. Before taking the readings. They were 7.1 pH with 564 PPM. Please take a look at the recent pictures. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.

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