Take a look at this ILGM Sour Diesel

The pistils on this plant are still white. I’m not seeing any browning. Tri’s seem to be really clear in most places, but I did see some amber yesterday.
This plant is at day 107 or so and over 80 days or so in Flower.
I don’t think it’s ready.
What do you think friends?

I never had this issue?


What light are you using

When did you strip all of the leaves?

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Auto or photo?

Some strains take forever to amber and some dont. Also one thing i have found to be mostly true is to add about 2 weeks to the flowering time given by genetics companies.

She doesnt look ready yet and ive had autos go for over 150 days before ripening, seed to harvest.

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SF4000 by Spiderfarmer

I removed some of the lower colas just recently. They were not getting any light.

I did defoliate. A while back.

But most of the leaves dried and fell to the floor the last few weeks.

It’s an auto

That is what I’m doing. Waiting. It’s not ready and I have read about long grows sometimes. I’m a little surprised on this one.

I’m not at 114 days total and 89 days in flower. Pistils are not even a little brown.
I’m seeing some very clear tris.
I’m seeing some amber???

I’ll give it more time since some guys said there plants went to 120 days.