Tag people for my outdoor grow

How do I tag some of you for my outdoor grow?ide love to share and get some advice as I go through this grow season.


Use @ then name.



Thank you mrpeat

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Yeah dude I’m with ya , just dropped some seeds , germ tonight , upstate NY
Total guerilla grow , check out my Bud Of The Month winner, so many great growers here, LOVE this family !!!


@OlyBoy98503 does some amazing things outdoors. You should see his red chili peppers :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna tag along as well, if you don’t mind :v:

Happy to have you …I’ve got figure out how to tag people…I’m not to bright with this internet.

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Watching if ya dont mind. Starting my first grow and interested in all things outside.

Your very welcome.to join the grow.if I can figure out how to tag people.ill tag you.im going to update my plants every week or 2 weeks.so far after the rain has stopped mine has exploded up.

Lol. I had to get rid of the chili peppers :pensive:. I’ll tag along on this grow!

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I would like to tag alone too if thats cool

To tag people. like for me you would type @repins12 and that would send me a notification

You can tag alone and along!

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Throw up some photos!

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Plz do…if I get through this grow…I’ve got 23 plants…largest I’ve tried…but I’ll keep it updated weekly or ever 2 weeks.

I’m going to do that after this grow AAA I’ve 23 right now…most I’ve tried .plz tag alone…any advice is good advice…

Any advice from you guys and gals is much appreciated.

Yes plz do.ill have plenty pictures weekly to keep everyone busy.lol

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Lol…if I can pull this grow off I’m set for the winter and spring lol.

Plz do…bow4buck…this should get interesting. I clone 12 yesterday.ive got 9 more to clone from this coming sunday.with the clones I have now.ive got 9 females in 1 patch that I’ll clone from.this sunday.i dread even add it all up…but they going to get every drop of the sun every day.