Tacoing new growth... WHY?

We’re brand new growers using ILGM Fem Blue Dream and Agent Orange. Everything was going great then new growth on both strains started tacoing. No yellowing though. Growing indoors in TLO soil using rain water in fabric pots. Soil pH is 7. Water ppm less than 50. No liquid nutrients. Still in veg under LED lights. Can anyone tell us what’s causing it and how to fix it?! Thanks in advance!

Heat stress from lights being to close can do that.

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Click the search button and type in tacoing leaves. You will get many posts to look at as well to compare if you like.

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The lights are 24" above the tops of the plants. That was my first thought. Is that too close?

Y, @BetrayedSoul is right - heat. How far from the plants are your lights?

It could also be if a heater is installed to close. Oil heaters are best if using one in a small area

If you hold your hand under the lights at the same distance does it feel warm/hot? What are your day time temps (at the canopy level)?

24" from top of plants

Daytime temps are 72-78 at the top of the plants.

My hand doesn’t get hot either. Could humidity problems cause it? We’re trying to dial it in now but fairly large fluctuations from lights on to lights off.

It’s weird because it has burn below on lower growth. By chance do you use an oscillating ceramic heater that sits close to that plant ?

Nope. The humidity levels fluctuate from 45-61% though. We have wall heat/ac. Temps are usually within a few degrees of set point.

If it’s not a heater issue as @BetrayedSoul suggested, try raising the lights to 36" and see if that improves things.

You could put a bowl of water in there to raise humidity - that seems to be a cause of tacoing too

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Are the plants in the picture where they stay ?

If not can we get a picture of them in their home where they always sit. Can get a better feeling for what’s going on that way.

I had the same issue going on last grow with several plants.
I checked the light hitting the plants with a light meter (Lux) and it was within the range for their stage of growth. Some upper and some mid leaves.
Never did figure that out.
I too am curious.

What are you feeding them?

Are you spraying the leaves?

Do you have a fan(s) directly blowing on them?

Are you using calmag? if not you should be.

I want to say magnesium deficiency but your leaves are dark not light, but a possibility.
Magnesium, ether a lockout or deficiency. Mag gets locked out at low pH levels, or the mag in your soil is depleted.

You want to flush 3x as much water as your pot size

Heat stress is the main cause of leaves tacoing aka curled leaves. This is why I bought a gadget that I can look at the current temps and RH in my tent and I don’t need to go into the grow room. Best investment ever…if I see temps higher than 85, its time to worry and I go inspect the situation.

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