T5 lighting vs metal halide

I started my seedlings under t5 lighting with great results.
After harvesting my last 2 plants. I put my 5 strawberry kush in my 48 x48 x72 tent and used my 400watt metal halide light. Temps got into mid 90’s. Even with good air flow.
Can’t tell if I nute burned them, or to hot. Something made them unhappy. I backed off the light, and gave them only water.
I use distilled water so I got a good ph to start.
Appreciate any feedback.

HPS lights will always generate hea in the grow space , but you have to figure out how to vent the heat and stale air out and bring cooler fresh air in the grow space . Maybe some of the guys who used HPS will chime in and help more with this issue , me myself run LED lights , and quality strong intense led lights can also generate heat , just not as much as HPS lights .

This is what you need. I own two ipower 400 watt hps and mh lights but not this type of hood. But I need a.s.a.p



I run a 600 watt MH on a 6’ light rail in 12’x4’ room with 12" fan 6" exhaust fan hooked to a carbon can 6" intake vent and all air is sucked out of room.
The heat stays constant 83 lights on using simple wing reflector. I also have 48x48 tent but run air cooled hood in it. I still need to vent the heat even with reflector but it does stay far cooler than without hood high 80’s. I would say try adding a variable speed exhaust fan to the tent will take a little dialling in.

The other possible problem is light intensity going from t5’s to MH is a huge jump in lumen, I like to start with my MH further away from my plants for first few days then lower it towards them as they start showing new growth. Going from a nice cool humid cfl to the dry hot air of HID is a drastic change but by controlling my heat and distance to light they tend to be happy within couple days, the temp actually increases the plants uptake of water/nutes.

hope some of this is helpful info

Thank you for the input I have a air cooled hood with a 400 watt bulb I did back it away from the plant it is very bright. They seem to be doing better now I thought I nute burn them. I’m giving them only water right now I have happy frog potting soil by fox farm and I used the same nutrients and gave only a half dose first time. I may have done it too early

It just dawned on me I have 4 settings on my ballast I could just turn it down a bit too. Duhhh