T5 LED replacement for grow domes or starter boxes


It is a bright white light. I got it to add more side light to my tent and to use on my grow/ propagation dome

Can’t beat the price either. I have been looking. The t5 style light was twice this cost.


Funny that this was posted in February because I literally just bought this to start my germ seeds to veg then outside they go, can’t wait til Friday thanks to Amazon prime. Hopefully this plus 2 daylight cfl bulbs will be good enough for 4 seedlings to sprout? Also I haven’t gotten it yet but how far should the T5 bar be as opposed to the CFLs which are a little over 6" above the medium (80/20 perlite/color soil mix) I’m using. Thanks for any info.


I bought mine as augmentation lighting but I have them about a foot away from the sides of my plants.

The light has worked really well for me so far. No complaints. It’s been on 18/6 since I installed it in February. @Manny_FTGUTube


Awesome thank you for the advice and I can’t wait to get everything situated.


I used velcroe strips to secure them that I also got on amazon. I got tired of wasting zip ties! Good deal, I’m pretty sure you will like yours too!


Haha you sound like a smart man! :thumbsup: I think ill like it, and if not I guess its only 20 bucks. I can always utilize it somewhere in the grow because this is just the beginning I’m sure lol. There will always be better lights and better grows!


Hey bob just got it today, how far would you recommend I hang it from my seedlings?


Mine’s only about a foot above the top of the plants. Does it say on the package what the equivalent wattage rating is? Like on a CFL will say 5 watts equivalent to 60 watt bulb.


It’s a 7 watt 120v, it’s a lot softer than I thought though at only 4000k so I’m keeping my 3 daylight CFLs on as well


It’s about 3x brighter than a regular t5 though so it will help you anyway. I Velcro d mine so that I can turn it different way to help light a couple of lower areas. I think it helps but…

Can you tell how many LEDs are in it?


did you get a six pack @bob31?


I bought just the one @BIGE thought about buying the multi pack. I still might. And I have an older under counter lights I might replace too


i enjoy having my little t5 on my super sprouter. that thing works as it should! lol if i get to build a ‘‘grow room’’ in the shed i will consider a six pack! lol


Yep exactly. I have the same sort of grow dome and that’s what attracted me to the t5 led!


I added mine to a piece of 2’ x 3" added some hooks to the other side and now Ive got it hanging just above the 3 daylight bulbs
I only bought the single bar as well though and I’m not to sure about the LED question?