T5 led for flower stage

I have a 4’ x 4 t5 enclosure currently using fluorescents but when I get to flower I heard it will go slow and require adjustments. I am planning to scrog when I get to stronger veg stage but would like the flower stage to go as fast as possible.
I see led 4’ t5 online but even though it says high output it only is 54 watt equivalent. I know led need to be further away but would I gain anything by switching from fluorescent (6500k) to led (3000k) even though they are the same wattage? Thanks!


I don’t know how much your grow space is, however for the price of 4 LED t5 (90$) I will suggest you go with a full spectrum LED light as this one for flowering if you have no more than 12 feet square to cover with 2 plant


Hope that’s helping :innocent:


Thanks mine is 4’ x 2’ x 8’

I saw this before and you have a great point about cost equivalence. I’m looking to do 3-5 plants

It depend on your budget, those one could do the job



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