T5 grow light help

What brands or features should i look for in t5 bulbs and will they work the same with a regular 4 ft florescent light fixture?

I use pioneer t5 fixtures and swapped out every other bulb with power veg bulbs they won’t work in a regular fixture like a shop light if that’s what you are asking

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I was not sure about that. I have plenty of those florescent 4 ft shop lights and was hoping to use them but no big deal ill just get a whole light. Thanks gardenguy

you can use one or two of those shop lights for germination and seedlings i think, if you have the room to spare.

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The ballast inside of the fixtures will usually indicate which bulbs are compatible. Most of the standard shop lights are t8, not interchangeable with t5.

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T-12 and T-8 floro tubes will veg plants great,
the bulbs have to be very close to the plants tho,
T-5 HO allows a little higher hanging height.

r u needing T-5 just for veg or for veg and flower (germ to jar).?


I have two of these t-5 lights for veg. and upgraded both with powerveg bulbs and I like the results. I do have a set of bulbs for flowering I can swap to if I need to flower in the veg. room.

with the powerveg bulbs

This was taken at day 14 of veg.

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Just for veg for now may try them for flowering down the road how well do they do for flower with the correct bulbs

they can flower good if u keep the canopy only 8-12" deep,
it takes 60+ wpsf to flower well under T5 HO,
a 2x4 area needs 480w-560w of T5 in flower for great colas,
where as 216w will veg the same area.!!
a 432w 8 bulb 4’ T5 HO for veg will allow the lights to be a bit higher, like ntmaremach has in the pics above.!

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I use a Quantum BadBoy T5 with Eye PowerVeg lamps and average 200 grams per White Widow Autoflower. I use (4) Full Sun + UV and (4) lamps in the blue 400 series. I change to 600 series for bloom (reds).

HO T5’s can grow great weed with decent lamps… not my first choice in lighting but still, they work :+1:t2:

Happy Growing!!

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