T5 - 2', 4 lamps; Best for propagation of seedlings and clones


his what I use

Absolute novice struggling to find answers
My first experience with living Cannabis 🌿💚

I have my current babies under T5’s. They are great for early vegging! Actually I have used them right up to the point when I change to L.E.D.'s for flowering.every little bit helps when trying to save on electric! Mike


i am thinking about purchasing one of these for a new seedling through veg box i am making. thanks for the thumbs up


I love mine. I am using it not. Popped 3 of 3 OG Kush by mistake, 1 WW auot of 2 (1 fail). Seeds were over a year old stored in fridge so I am happy 4 of 5 popped.

Placed 3 Gold Leaf in Riockwool starter cubes. (what I meant to start the other day, LOL


What is the best lighting system could a full spectrum system be used through any or all of a plants growth cycle


Here you go. I use a 400 watt and a 600 watt model of this lamp. Ny last grow had a yield of 3/4 lb. from 2 plants


Happy growing :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response to my question I tried using your blog I was sent got it set up now I can’t figure out how to use it


So I guess I have a lot of questions about the best potting soil can I use Fox Farms ocean forest for my seedlings and switch over to Happy Frog When I transplant or what would you recommend


I’m doing all my growing indoors in a area 3.5X3.5X7 so all the information I’ll be asking will indoor related


Some growers claim that Ocean Forest is too hot for seedkings; Others claim Ocean Forest is not too hot for seedlings. I start my seeds in rockwool cubes, and transplant to 1 gallon nursery pots filled with ProMixBX

If you start with Ocean Forest (most popular of FF soils), I don’t know why you would want to change to happy frog later. Perhaps you can enlighten me, lw :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info about the ocean forest, I’ll use your method, you guys there have most likely forgotten more than I’ll ever hope to know


So my next question: what size rock wool cube would you recommend for seedlings. Any particular type of Pro Mix BX would you also recommend as well for my soil. Or what types did you use


I have a 12 x 6 x 7 area thousand watt kind LED on a light rail going to start white willow Autoflower out of 20 sees how many of those would I need to plant for a pound in a half


Sorry, No one can truthfully answer how much you will yield from an
autoflower plant. Most depends on how well your grow system works.
Different lighting, nutrition and atmosphere all play a big part. All you
can do is start a few maybe 12 in that space and see what you get back.
Happy growing :slight_smile:


Is there any kind of chart for the seeding fertilizer referring to PPM


Does it have UV?