T-5 Lighting Question

I am using a 8 lamp T5 HO 54 Watt, 4ft.long, with blue bulbs. Two weeks into flowering in soil with cloth pots… Should I change the bulbs to red spectrum bulbs?

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Yes absolutely somewhere in the 2600-2700K spectrum. Are they auto flowers?


No. Just some unknown strain

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Lights on 12/12 schedule? Completely dark during lights out? This is to mimic outdoor light. During summer sun is high in the sky which gives a blue color and days are longer. Growers set indoor lights on a 16/8 hour schedule. Then to mimic fall where sun is lower in sky and shows more natural reds and we have less and less sun light. Growers switch to 12/12 hour schedule and use more red spectrum lights.


Thanks so much Barry

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Also be sure not to disturb them in there 12 hrs of darkness because it can stress them out and even cause them to hermie (go male and female at the same time) then you’ll get seeds in case you didn’t know :wink:

I’m using 4 T54T5/HO Full Spectrum 10,000k Finisher lights. Anyone use these? I was not going to get a red/blue light for flowering, should I?