Symptoms of too much light

What are different symptoms of giving too much light? Growth? Leaf color? Top leaves/bottom leaves? Any and all known symptoms would help. Lowered my lights and not getting the reaction I was expecting.


The tips of the leaves get bleached looking is one symptom

I believe if the leaves are taco-ing is also a sign

I’m kinda née so let’s wait for more answers to confirm

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Thanks appreciate it.

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One thing that can happen, because it just happened to me, it will make the buds stretch similar to a reveg. Especially if the nitrogen levels are high.

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Pics and particulars would help us help you

(Light type, distance, intensity etc)

How do I post pictures? I’m not real tech savvy. Lol

Take a pic, and have it on your phone/device

At the bottom right you will see a box that has a pic kinda thing in it(next to the computer screen)

Click it, and go to photo library and choose your pic
WAIT until uploading is 100%complete and your pic should show like this

Might be better if you explain your issue that you are trying to address.
We dont know if you are talking about a seedling or a mature plant.
And a pic would help too. We all love to help.

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