Swollen stem at branch stem junction

Hey folks,
Got a swelling on one of my girls, can anyone have a look and advise?

Amnesia Haze photo, 5 weeks, slow at start, newbie pH issues and bug infestations.
Looking sweet now.
Adjusted intensity to 60%, tipping tonight.
Some curling to new growth also hope you guys can zoom the last shot to se the curling.
Thanks in advance

That’s normal that’s how the branches reinforce for the weight of bud later and given how dry your medium looks I bet they’re thirsty

Cheers GreenSnek
Yeah had an overwatering problem early.
Been letting them dry out.
Will hit them with nute and water to produce 20% overflow then ppm them.
I have an EC meter … converting to PPM from micro Siemens. Do you have a range of ppm I can be guided by?
Thanks for your welcome advise

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