Swollen calyx or seed

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nice to be part of this community

could someone tell me what is happening with this plant?


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Looks male to me. Sorry


Yeah, those are boy parts.


Sorry bout that @Moma


anything salvageable?

Not unless you’re planning on breeding.
No. Sorry.


That’s a man baby

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there are canabinoids in males too.

you cann still make herbal infusion or butter or any edible, but dont expect much of an effect.


What’s the point then just eat some butter save some time

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Ok… maybe butter is a waste of time…

It is a very taste and flavourful, healthy plant, apart from being psychoactive, you do know that?

You can make tea, or grind the plant and mix it with salt and other herbs… This will surely ad a special note to your seasoning.
whatever… get creative… use the flavor…

or just trash it…

Yes I’ve eaten lbs of butter male and female … first thing I did with my first male I made butter second one I made qwiso others got tossed the qwiso had a lil effect but was when I was hard headed and smoked iso hash and probably got higher from the 15 minutes of coughing… if you like the taste of green weed plant male or female u would be interested in what’s under your lawn mower … taste identical smells identical when chopped up fresh it smells like grass or hay I’ve sauteed leaves I’ve cooked with coconut oil made bho iso ethonalhash cookies cake brownies so much stuff… last cooking adventure was 400 grams of winterized trim and a gallon of coconut oil… super potent quick coconut wash made for almost 0 green taste but packed a helluva punch