Switching up the nutes

What is everyone doing for nutrients when you flip to 12/12? Is it beneficial to stay with grow nutes for the stretch, or would bloom nutes be better?

Stick with the nitrogen through the stretch. They will need it to stretch. You can start your bloom nutes too.


Do you just double them up together or do you stagger them like grow bloom grow etc.

What nutes you using and what do they recommend? Typically they call for a watering day in between feedings. If so you’ll just mix them all in a single feeding. Depending on the nutes you’re using, some manufacturers have an order in which each nute needs to be mixed.

Stop giving nitrogen 4 weeks before cut 5 weeks after flip.

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Schedules usually ramp down/up during the transition.

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I’m using AN PH perfect for coco. They don’t list a transition period. It’s either grow or bloom schedules


I think the sensi bloom A has the nitrogen you’re looking for, for the stretch period