Switching to Flower!

Going into 12/12 with 5 photoperiod beauties!

Medellín, Colombia
5000 ft over sea level, middle of the Andean mountain range.
Barely the North Hemisphere, more like an equatorial, tropical jungle environment.

3x Paradise Seeds Wappa (Indica)
1x Paradise Seeds Nebula II CBD (Sativa>Indica)
1x Sweet Seeds Psicodelicia (Sativa>Indica)

All topped for clones, and LSTd (trying to manifold, but failing, lol)

Medium :
5 gal buckets with lots of holes.
50% Coco
50% worm castings, perlite, cheap premixed soil)

Runoff Ph:
? NA (will be testing Ph this next few days)

Nutrients :
FoxFarm Soil trio

4x4x7 Tent

Day- 26°c
Night- 18°c

Humidity :
Day- 50/65%
Night- 70/85%

Ventilation System :
4 inch AC Infinity inline fan, 205 cfm, as an exhaust on the top
Unplugged 4"iPower carbon filter(will get plugged when the smell gets stronger)
6 inch fan for air circulation

AC/Humidifier/Dehumidifier :


1x Roleadro 3500k 800w (185w)
1x Bestva 1000w (180w)
1x Phlizon 600w (108w)

Canopy size:
3.5 ft x 2.5 ft



Im hoping the clones survive out here for a couple months, because i can’t put them on plain sight…
It’s legal to grow under 20 plants for personal use, but you can still get into trouble, and the neighbors(not cool at all with weed, alcohol or music, they told us when we moved in) are also the owners of our place…



Looks like You’re doing good

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Good looking plants. Good view too.


Awesome, my friend!

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Thanks, the plants seem happy and the weather is great outside
I’m wondering how many days will take until I can see flowers in there :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Probably not long. They look like they’re responding to 12/12 already.

Those seeds sprouted April 2, so they have been vegging for a long time now, they were probably desperate to flower anyway

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Well, it seems like i have a bit of a colony of fungus gnats…
Any ideas?

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Yellow sticky traps and let your soil dry out.

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I found some yellow spots on one of the clones…
Could that be because of the gnats?
The clones are staying from 10am to 10pm on a balcony, surrounded by jungle…
All of the insects imaginable around…

I agree with @AAA.
Second time I’ve shared that article in a couple minutes. They seem to be going around, probably all the rain we’ve been getting these past few weeks. Did the tropical storm/hurricane affect you down there?


Im having more insects than usual because all of the fruit trees around the house are dropping much more fruits than we can consume, save or give away (mango, avocado, guava, tangerine, oranges, bananas, berries, and some more)
There’s literally hundreds of pounds of fruit rotting and attracting insects all around the house

The place i live in, Medellín, happens to be located in the middle of where the Andes mountain range splits in 3 main branches, and this area consists of several small valleys at high altitude, Medellin being the most central one, and the one who gets more physical protection against wind systems by having tall mountains all around.
It’s like being inside a deep hole.
I’m 36 years old, and have never heard of a hurricane or tornado or anything like that getting inside this valley (Aburrá Valley)
Weather is rainy half year, then sunny the other half…
Right now, we are in the sunny days, wich i guess, are perfect for insects breeding

I hadn’t even thought about the geography there. That makes sense. Seems like your own little slice of paradise, bro. I just googled, and I’m dying laughing:
I don’t know if you’ll get the same picture I do, but I clicked on the google maps result, and that’s what popped up:


I’ve never done that search before! :joy::joy:
You can tell that picture was taken up in El Poblado, wich is in the south-western sector of the city, because you see like a pine tree forest, but we don’t have native pine trees here, you only find them on wood plantations in the rich areas going out of the city.
Almost all of the illegal weed being sold in the streets is brought here from another valley in the Andes called Valle del Cauca, and it’s ridiculous how weed grows there…

I can’t even imagine. That’s really cool.

Not sure if im allowed to post a link to YouTube

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Yep, that’s fine! YouTube, Amazon, and a handful of others are fine. I forget which exactly, but they mainly don’t want competitors stuff linked.

I’ve watched that, it didn’t click that they’re in Colombia.

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