Switching some clones back to VEG. Smooth

Not sure where this should go, but I got some cuttings from my favorite og kush plant that was in flower 3 weeks. So I just noticed smooth edge leaves and it’s been almost 4 weeks. I seem to be reading this is ok when your trying to flip a plant back to veg? Thank you very much.

Kind of lost you there. It takes a month or so for a plant to start to show growth after a re-veg.

Cliff didn’t lose me, but I haven’t finished my joint yet. I haven’t done much regeneration, but if memory serves me correctly the plants can do some strange things. Round leaves are not alarming from what I’ve read too.

Yes, plants can develop strange shaped leaves when re-vegging. If they stay in veg long enough, most of the time eventually all new more normal leaves will start showing up.