Switching sick seedlings in soil to hydro?


Ok guys. I have a major problem. I posted another topic asking what was wrong with my seedlings and it is more than likely multiple things. My seedling look senile and withered. Now wether this be my Ph or my soil being too hot, (probably both) but I think my best bet would be doing some dwc. I think I should do this to make up on lost time. My serdlings are over 2 weeks old and look absolutely puny and sick. The day before yesterday, they already looked sick. A little yellowage on the seedling leaves and i thought nothing of it… Then yesterday morning i looked at them and bearly brought me to tears. Seriously. So I took the advice of transplanting them but I didn’t have a way of getting some organic soil that has no nutes. I did some searching and found out that a lot of people try and have succes with 100% perlite(which i had left over). I cleaned the roots and put them in the perlite. May i mind you its only temporary. Should i transplant again today to some organic soil amd perlite or should i leave them till my hydroponics come in? I underestimated the pickiness of cannabis.


I’m not a hydro guy but I will tag @Donaldj he can assist you also @ktreez420 does the hydro thing as well I believe you should start seeds im medium you plan to grow in myself
The first two weeks the plant does work on developing the roots system tho which is most likely why your not seeing the growth your looking for
You’ll need to stay on top of. The ph even more in hydro as well from what o so know about it and there’s less of a buffer for mistakes all need to be considered before you Jump in head first
Soil is more forgiving for beginners imo
Hopefully Donald can straighten you out tho @Mikalah314


Oh im sure its my soil. Idk about ph though. I started off in composted manue. Sadly i didnt even think about it being to hot. I want to do hydro because honestly it seems more manageable no? As long as my res has the propler nutes and ph it’ll stay good? I hope its that simple…


I kept it in the same container since i germed them.


@Mikalah314 I’d master the soil before you jump over to hydro or DWC. They both require almost daily maintenance and or monitoring.

The problem is not the soil. It is the manure. Manure is way too hot for sprouting or for seedlings.

My advice to you would be to slow down and stop making harsh decisions without getting some input from others with more experience.

Growing in perlite only? Not something I would recommend. Since there is no soil it would need 5.8 ph water. After that?

Generic organic potting soil is available at all the basic places from walmart to hardware stores to nurseries to dollar stores (in some cases)

Best wishes!


I can’t believe someone finally said it. Thank you @bob31 :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

IMO best advice ever.


All that hydroponic / dwc stuff intrigues me. But its hard to beat the simplicity of a bag of dirt.