Switching nutrient brand

W/o going into the “list” of operation I think this question can be answered. Has anyone been say 7 weeks in running 1 particular brand of nutes and change to another? Say been running Jacks 321 and then change to GH flora series.

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Good question, I just posted something similar. Was running jacks 321 but running into deficiencies in flower and swapped to Gaia green power bloom for the rest of my flowering. Idk if it will work but I did flush and start it today since it has more phosphorus etc

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Welcome to the community. I switched from Fox Farm trio in the middle of a grow to Jacks 321 with no problems.


Thanks I didn’t think so

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I also went from FF to Jack’s in same grow. But, now I am trying Gold leaf Fertilizer with a new grow. Check out my testing thread and have a look. I may have to switch to GLF. time will tell.

I went from Technaflora to Jacks mid-grow

I’m pretty sure the switch would be fine I just know how long it’ll take for her capitalize on new nutes and would it be for the better. I have 2 lemon autos DWC in lid of 5 gal bucket. They have progressed well with Jacks 321 but seems to have stopped. Day after day same look. This has happened with Jack Herer autos which took about month for pistols to turn 60-70% and little tric production. These lemons have very few if any trics yet with snow white pistols.This was kind of silly opening question anyway.

Many use Jack’s 2-2-2 MKP during the first two or three weeks of flower. I do.
MKP is monopotassium phosphate 0-52-34
@GrowingIs4Everyone if you were looking for more phosphorous this has it.


Good to know, I may do that next grow. I probably have a month left figured the dose of power bloom should get me through to the end

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@t3 my last run I was curious about the Bergmans but ran short on veg & flower nutes so used another brand to finish out each phase. Don’t think the plants cared or minded.

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It isn’t perfect. I am trying the figure out the proper amount of Jack’s to use in autopots.

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