Switching Nutes midgrow

So I’m doing a hydro grow and was wondering if there’s any issue if I switch from fox farms to jacks 321? About to wrap up one week of veg. Pic for appreciation answers


I dont forsee any issues switching. I switched mid flower from house and garden to jacks 321 and the ladies took quite the liking to the new nutes. Me personally i did a flush before switching to jacks 321 to avoid any nutrient builup switching from one to the other but once again i was also in flower. I dont see any issues for you still being in veg state


Like @BigCat420 said. When I switched from FF Trio to Jacks321 they didn’t skip a beat.


Same here fox farms to jacks 321 standard …mine were in servere drought conditions because I was bottom feeding fox farms through wicks on self watering bases and the bembe and microbes big bloom all clogged them up …i ran ten gallons of water through the plants because they were dried up
Cleaned the bases and wicks then top fed them jacks 321 and let the runoff collect in the bases …these are also autos that were mid flower they’ve been drinking like crazy through the wicks and have recovered really nicely


Wont be a issue just match the same PPM as you where dosing with the previous nutrients