Switching my autos from 12/12 to 18/6

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Is switching the light cycle like this going to mess anything up? I’ve got an outdoor garden doing great with about 20+ and an inside of just 2 autos!

@Paranorman said yes

Dude I’m seeing this same question you’re all over the place LMAO …who told you to start your autos at 12 in the first place ?

You should download the grow Bible from this site it’s written for newbs right through advanced and it’s a fairly quick read -check it out ! :thumbsup:


Well I had an indoor plant that was flowering (picked far too early but it was a learning experience for me and another discussion for another day) so I wanted to keep the same schedule and was told I could. Just got to do some reading and saw that autos do better when they have a lot more light! The 2 autos I have inside look like I dumped a bowl of sugar all over them, they are just covered in trichs! And yeah I just figured out how to use the site that’s why it was all over lol

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How old is auto? If they’re covered I’d just leave it and finish it.

They have been covered since it started flowering. They have another month at least!

If you have any pics, I would love to see them.

There are three types of cannabis, indica, sativa and Ruderalis. Ruderalis is what they usually make hemp products from and is very hardy and flowers on a set time schedule. To make autos they figgerd out how to crossbreed the sativa or indica with Ruderalis and keep the potency of the good stuff and the time based flowering of the hemp. They generally flower in 58 or so days so they can get multiple harvests in one outdoor season. It does not care about hours of light per day as regards budding at all but does veg better with more light per day. I would keep it at 18/6 if it were me.


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I grow white widow auto and have the light on them 24 hours I did run 20 on 4 off run 18 on 6 off minimal :sunglasses:

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Yeah they are doing better now I think. I’ve got some outdoor beauties that have 15" colas and they still have another 3-4 weeks!

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