Switching Light Timing


I am at week 7 of flowering, it is getting colder here in the good ole’ Northeast, so the temp at night without lights is getting down to about 61 degrees. I would like to change it so my lights are on at night and off while I am at work during the day. Obviously doing this I am going to mess up the schedule and the plants are either going to get a longer light period or dark period.

Does it matter if I get home from work tonight and switch the schedule? Essentially they will be in light for more than 24 hours if I switch it…

Or is that temp fine and just leave it alone?


No don’t extend the light cycle, if you need to change it, give them a longer dark cycle, and everything will be fine



How would you suggest changing it to keep them in the dark?

Maybe I am over thinking it…but I am not sure how to extend the dark period without keeping them in the dark for a long time…

Currently my lights are on from 6am to midnight. I would like them to be on from 3pm until 9am and off between 9am and three…

My only thought is tomorrow the lights will come on at ,6am and I can change the time then, but then it will go off at 9 am…will this stress them out?


Nature has cloudy days with no sun. They will be fine only having 3 hours of light for one day while you make the switch.


ARe you doing autos? You say you’re in week 7 of flower but your lights are on 18 hours a day, if I’m reading what you wrote correctly.

In any case, 24 or more hours of dark and pickup to the new schedule would be my opinion.



Yes they are autos.


Like @Daddy said a short light cycle will not hurt the girls to get them on the day / night cycle of your choise


@dmykins got it … yeah, so just extend your dark cycle. It won’t hurt them.