Switching light at 3 weeks flower

Currently I’m in a 4x4 tent with a 315w CMH and a 150 hps light, scrog a single plant and two single cola plants. My 260 xl kit just came in so I was wondering if switching out the 150w hps will cause any issues. Should I dim it down then over the next two weeks increase the light?

Yes I would take out the hps and put the quantum board in. Start at about 24" at half power and increase over time

The best way to do this would be to download a LUX app on your phone and take a couple measurements in marked spots before you move anything.
Then take out your old lights and put the HLG up and compare, at 24" to start like @HornHead mentioned, if your lux is still to low then lower he light until you are at about the same as your previous setup.
Over the next week lower it and increase your lux/PPFD

Thank you both. @HornHead @Nicky

We are built and hung in the tent at 50% power. I can really got any higher in the tent due to the hangers the boards are on but I will slowly increase power over the next week or so. The light was pretty simple to build and I’ll probably be picking up another 260 xl kit next time they are on sale.


I’ll give you a little trick I use with my HLG boards.

They have 4 hanging wires that come off each corner of the board, rather than connecting them to a rachet loop them to each other so shorten the distance and have the rachet grip the middle of the hanger wires.

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Didn’t even think to do that. Thanks!

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Why leaves brown yellow at bottom…??? Nute issue…???

@Weedlvr0321 left for two weeks when I got married and had an auto drip water system malfunction. I have also been battling spider mites which, knock on wood finally have under control. The auto drip basically flushed the plant but we are back on track with nutes and green leaves.


Spider mites suck…I had them…used Dr. Zymes and that fixed the issue.

Explain…??? I can’t get my lights higher…I am thinking of moving from top of milk crates to 3 inch laddering on the floor.

Tag me in your grow journal and I’ll take a look

I never started a grow journal. I have just been posting where needed…

Start a grow journal then you can tag us when you have issues or tag me in your question.
Since we are here though post a pick or ask your question, I thought my picture and description sort of explained how to raise the lights a little bit extra.

Another trick is to zap strap 2 regular carabiners to the roof supports and hook to that, because the adjustable Rachets make you loose a couple inches even when they are as short as they can go. Combine both methods and that lights pretty close to touching the filter and give you alot more height

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How do I start a grow journal @Nicky @MattyBear @Myfriendis410

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I went to journal page and it only let’s me read not post

There’s a “New Topic” button on the upper right hand side where you start your journal

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In the Category ‘Beginner’ there is a section titled ‘Grow Journals’. When you click on the “New Topic” just fill in those categories after you name it whatever you want.

Buy some bathtub chain and get some strong cup hooks. Then you can hook the chain wherever you want… cheap! That fixture isnt heavy.