Switching from veg to Flower nutrients

I have been using water-soluble nutrients during the veg stage, well I heard from a lot of people that mineral based nutes are better. So I bought Beastie Bloomz 0-50-30 mineral based. I read the instructions and did as they said and now 24 hours later my leaves are turning yellow and curling. Please help!

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Looks like you overdosed them. Never go full dose the first time (or ever) with a new fert, specially a strong one like that. Only thing to do is flush it out of there with ph correct water.


This is when Sledgehammer comes in handy. The reason the mineral based nutrients is liked so much for me is the storage life vs liquid.

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Okay thank you. I was out of town and they were already showing signs of lack of phosphorus so I had my girlfriend go get the nutes and put it in and she just told me she followed the hydroponic instructions​:weary::weary: