Switching from soil to hrdroponics

I have to plants and they are in soil, but I was wondering if I could switch them to DWC hydroponics, and Would it work and how to do it?

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How big are your plants now?

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Ya you can do it but you got to be careful. You need to let the soil dry out completely, then gently knead the soil off the roots. If you try and do it when it’s wet it doesn’t want to crumble and fall off like it does when it’s dry.

I would only try this with a young plant too

I run mine under running water to gently wash the soil from the roots, smaller is better and way easier, however I have had to do some that grew faster than I thought, just go slow and be gentle

I just did my last ones about the same size, it will set them back, just go slow and remember, very gentle

It is possible for friends to send a link. The flower is cleaned in the water for about a week, rinsing

I personally would just let a plant that size go ahead and finish its life in soil and germinate another seed for your Hydro system

So do you recommend to do it? I really don’t want them to die I’m just wanting them to grow faster. This is my first grow.

Ok thank you. I appreciate your opinion.

You could always YouTube it

IMO, since this is your first grow, I would finish them in soil and start DWC next round.