Switching from led to cmh

Now. What to do presently…

I’d move the lights up another 8-12”.
What size tent/area are you growing in, what are your temps and rh?

(So many questions. I should’ve had you fill out a support ticket). :grin:

Temps now around 68/72 rh around 36 to 45 ,2 days ago temp got higher than I liked around 92° think that when things went south I’m in 3x3 tent 4 white widow girls that are clones from previous grow leaving door open for few days while light is on see how they react and on 12/12 started this week when I recieved new cmh

90’s is hot. Especially in a little tent.

I’m assuming you have at least a 4” exhaust fan running?

Yes, I do and another exhaust fan fan blowing from tent out in room plus circulating fan right now temps 79° rh 35 sending pic with light on now

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That’s a telling pic

The leaves are taco-ing .

I‘d move the light up 12”, give them a really heavy watering when they’re ready (slowly run 2-3 gal through each container, expect a lot of runoff), and try to keep temps no higher than 85. Lets see how they respond.

Moved light from 18 inches to 30 inches at top of tent now maybe can get another 6 inches ,left door open so some light can escape and split a gallon of water on all four I’m on east coast temps here tonight low 20s to high teens ,and I really appreciate you taking time to help me with this ,still learning lol

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@Tinpound I recommend Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil. Should hold you a few weeks into veg, but you’ll need flowering nutrients.

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I kinda figured I was gonna have some issues going from cheap so called 1000watt Led light to the cmh


That’s one of the shortcomings of compact tents; heat.

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Thanks ,you’re the second to recommend that, so I will listen,thanks guys ,alot

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Yep hind sight 20 20 thanks again

Watering cannabis is more effective when you use a flood/drought approach. It’s not a houseplant

When the soil is dry (lifting your pots regularly will get you familiar with when they’re dry or wet), pour a quart of water in a ring towards the outside of the pot. Wait a few min, then repeat, then repeat until you see water coming from the bottom of the pot. Aim for about 10% of the volume of water youve poured through to runoff. You can test the runoff pH and tds/Ppms to get a better insight as to feeding and your soil status.

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Ok meters should be here wed. and I’ll get a better handle on this situation

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Which meters did you buy?

Vivosun Ph and Lds pin meter

Ph and TDS