Switching from ffof to ffhf for the flower stage or strawberry fields

it has come to my attention that fox farm ocean forest is best for veg, and happy frog is better for bloom, and strawberry fields as well for bloom. witch is why i’m starting this thread . Is there anybody useing the soils this way , and how do u like strawberry fields ?

I think Hawkeye diesel is or is getting ready to use those soils


Well when ever I get my current grow done. I’ll be testing the difference in using those two with hopefully a couple digger entry strains on in each to see how they hold up with autos


Thanks @Majiktoker ,
I’m not sure but I think a lot of my problems were I was using happy frog to early. Idk.
What do you use @Majiktoker and how?

@Hawkeye_diesel what is plan for the different soils?

White widow for now. 1 will he in happy frog an 1 in Ocean Forest. Then the same but this time nutrients will he used at 1/2 and full strength to see a difference in that as well

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I have a big difference in my ph run off when I did the same only in veg right now but the ffof drops a lot less to me . Let me know what u get.
Another question, aren’t most people just using ffof and making up the bloom nutrients with liquid nutes?
My self I wanna try the strawberry fields, I’m that and the ffof

I also have a lot more problems out of the happy frog plants .

But as much as I’ve been messing up lately it’s probably me.
And I adment that I play favorites with my ILGM plant , I mean the others are just b.s.
But I do love them and give them what they need and don’t take shortcuts. Learning that lesson everyday.

I used ffof for my first grow last year and had no soil issues of any kind. I plan on using it again this year,
I mentioned elsewhere that when I dumped last years buckets (5 gallon) out, the root ball was just a little bigger than a softball. Someone told me that when the roots have enough nutrients, they stop searching (growing) which seems logical. If that is true then I would say that FFOF must be good stuff. I’m sticking with what works.
You have me wondering how you would use different soil during the growing process…
Do you transplant the plants from one soil to the other?

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@Tarzan yeah that’s my plan.
Rapid rooter for seed or clone
Fflw in a cup for a weekish
Ffof in a 3gal
And then ether ffhf or ffsf

Way to many f’s in that lol

I use organic soil with no added nutrients mixed with perilite and add addition nutrients when my plants need it

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I got Happy Frog because that’s what my garden store had in stock. Zero research. I started in seed starter soil, then transplanted to FFHF. Started seeing signs of nute deficiency last week (after about a month in Happy Frog) and started Big Bloom. My plants are small, but i think that’s cause my temps are lowish and I’m not using a tent.

Not expert advice, but fwiw, that’s my experience.

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Sounds a lot like my first grow. Not that I’m that far ahead of you.I think this is # 3 harvest. Spent 3 -4 months growing b.s. male’s . And almost all the way to show my wife what they were and looked like. That’s about the time she ordered my ILGM Fem. GSCX.
Still growing b.s. as filler till I get my set up right.

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I now make my own soil. After using M G soil and hearing about fox & farm all being hot i just make my own very simple . By knowing what the marijuana plant best grows in is easily applied to pro mix bx . You mite want to give this a good look at.
I’m doing a journal on soil and soil-less-soil growing 7 auto-flowering plants in each for 14 plants and you will see what i’m talking about.
I will tag you so that you can follow along and or add input



@garrigan62 thanks i will check u out

First issue we had with Strawberry Fields was Nutrient lockup because we almost never needed to flush Ocean Forest. Second issue was the runoff PH was way lower with Strawberry Fields than with Ocean Forest. Since we don’t really transplant before flowering, we’re going to stick with the Ocean Forest. We have just started flowering one grow in Strawberry Fields, but I’m leery about soil with Coco in it.

Second tent with Strawberry Fields seems to be okay at the moment, but we’re flushing every second week.

Oh yes, we basically Veg with the hot soil and then start adding nutes when we go to flower. We’ve had such good results with the Ocean Forest, we would have to see more yield or better quality to change over permanently.

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@oldgoat i put 2plants into flower with strawberry feilds and 2 with ocean forest , i’ll see what happens but like your saying i’ll most likely just stay with ocean forest.
also thanks for the heads up on low run off. i’ll monitor a little closer now. i’m just starting week 3 and seam to b ok.

I’m new and switched right away to ffof and my Easter Babies and all my girls are thriving in this soil, it’s more expensive, but worth it. Don’t think I’ll switch again, already had coco, plants didn’t like. Have to find a way to get rid of huge bag of perlite, any suggestions, I live in the country?


You should add some of that perlite to your fox farm soil… it’ll only make it better… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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Really, no one told me and just transplanted last girl. I’m having a phosphorus problem, I think. I’m going to take pic and tag for help from my journal. Thanks peach fuzz :grimacing:

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