Switching back to mobile

how do i swicth back to mobile view. i have an amdriod

Click the three lines on the top right. Then at the bottom of that window click that phone view option.

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Got it friend?

that just catagoirys


That works with Samsung browser, what the OP needs is the three horizontal bars on the site page itself beside the search button at the top of the page, beside your avatar.

In the bit that opens, at the bottom is the option to switch from desktop to mobile view, as wot I have just tried on both Android tablet and phone.

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Ok thank you, mobile view did not show up at first but was there today

How do i get rid of black back ground makes it very hard to see

Black background? On my phone or tablet, mobile or desktop site, I don’t see no steenking black background.

Might be your mobile browser, which one do you use?

Try this.

Fine on a Samsung, not on Chrome on a Lenovo or Lineage.

He said he was on an android and never specified which. This is the only thing I can think of where he has night mode enabled.

Oh nvm, it’s a diff person than the OP. My bad.

Is why I asked which mobile browser, the differences between even the “default” android browsers per phone/tablet manufacturer are there and then we start on all the other browsers out there.