Switched from flower to veg accidentally

I was in week 4 of flower and had a little electrical fire and realized for the first time that my dumbass forgot to switch from MH bulbs to Hps bulbs. Soo…I switched them to Hps not thinking it would cause a problem I noticed at week 5 that they were looking weird I thought maybe that’s just how they grow. Now week 6 and 3/4 of the room are fully back into veg. Should i switch back to MH?

Personally, no, I would leave them in the dark for a day and persuade them back into flowering to avoid reverted looking buds, it invites all kinds of problems when the buds now are months older than the buds yet to come, they’ll attract rot, mold, mildew, and cause havoc when you least need it.

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3/4 of them show reverted buds already. I’ll give the dark a try

Type of light does not effect when plants flower…switching to less than 12 hrs of light DOES !

HPS is best for best flowering.


Something caused them to switch and it wasn’t a light leak. Only other thing I can think of is heat stress but they don’t show any signs of that either other than switching back to veg. I’m going to check all timers also.

Your plants didn’t reveg because of changing bulbs.

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