Switch to MH last few weeks of flowering?

So I have read a few times where people say to switch your light back to an MH bulb and its supposed to help the trichome production.

Has anyone tried this technique and does it work?

I tried searching for this topic in ILGM but it did not come up with any results.

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look for solis-tek 10,000k spectrum M/H… its loaded with UV and Purple perfect for what you are after for the last 2-3weeks :wink:
haven’t used it yet but will be next time round

Was chatting with @latewood or @Majiktoker i don’t remember which about introducing blue spectrum and he explained its the UVB which i went and looked into further and that was the best answer i found they even sell it as a finishing bulb :slight_smile:



Pricey but if you look about then you can find some sweet deals like the pack of 3… 2k and 6k and 10k for the same money as that single bulb just wanted to show you


@B345T, that was me you were talking to about it

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I’ll probably just stick to my HPS for this grow and try splitting them stems to increase trichome production and loonintk getting one of those bulbs next grow.

Thanks for you input brotha.

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I have heard this theory off and on over the years and it leads back to one thing MH puts off far more UV than hps which increases the plants natural UV defence adding to trichs. This is also why I swapped over to LEC which have a high UV and fuller light spectrum is it worth the bulb change? who knows for sure will it hurt likely not the science is sound.

Well I retract my previous statement in which I was going to just keep them under the HPS. I might switch back to my MH for the last week or so just to see what happens. Thanks for your input @Donaldj

If you are truly interested do some research on LEC or CMH lights they emit UV like crazy enough that mildews and bugs hate them :wink: costly though but do get money back in bulb life and less frsutrations :wink:


I’ll take a look into them. I think a friend of mine uses the LEC type. I believe they got an entire lighting unit that came with that type bulb and was told it is more energy efficient.

at 315w puts of same PAR as a 600w HPS/MH but slightly smaller foot print I totally love them and only rarely miss my 1000w HID’s until I look at power bill and see my ladies in regular light during flower

3100k bulb and looks like ladies are in a photo booth entire grow so easy to spot any issues


I’ll definitely look into it. Electric bill could stand to loose a little weight.

Have you seen my journal? Purpose Built shed? most of my flowering picture are with lights on true colours it was like that face palm why didn’t I do this sooner realisation after I bought my first one lmao.

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:slight_smile: i knew it was 1 of the brains lol, i have so many different interesting conversations with i forget who i spoke to about what :slight_smile: but after our conversation @Majiktoker this was what i found :wink: much cheaper in the UK though thank god so this looks like where i’ll be going as it is the cheapest quick fix for me…

No worries @Jmesser80 going to be ordering some gold leaf tonight so will run a journal on that grow and will see if it TRULY works :wink:

@Donaldj did look into LED’s & LEC’s but hard to know where to put your money if your not buying a TOP NAME… so for that reason for now imam stay MH to HPS back to 10k MH for finishing

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I agree I am still not sold on Led’s and I actually spend 8-9 months a year heating so HID’s help I was pleased with LEC’s but you are right big gamble if you get shoddy one but really it only comes down to the bulbs and since LEC bulbs are only 2 temps 3100k 4200k and made strictly by Philips I couldn’t see an issue LEDs are all the same really difference is in drivers and heat sinks. Like I said I need the heat most of year so not likely to change anytime in near future without building a warehouse lmao

i cant see me ever getting rid of my MH or HPS was just trying to find a way to squeeze some UVB in there alongside my HPS… but given the uncertainty about LEDs i choose to stay away and with LECs I’m not sure what i was looking at, so went hunting for a specialist UVB bulb fingers crossed it does the job I’m after next time round :wink:

I don’t think I’ve come across that grow journal.
Do those LEC bulbs use a specific type of ballast or are you able to buy LEC bulbs that will fit into the HID fixture. (I’m pretty sure you need a new fixture from what I’ve read just wanted to be sure)

LECs are just like LEDs except its open big bulb instead of 50 little ones… so pre ballasted in the units


Good to know. My buddy has an LEC light and loves it. He got an entire unit that has the ballast built right into the unit. Not sure I like that because the thing weighs a ton. I would definitely reinforce my tent if that were the case. Would hate to come home and find my light crushing my hard work.

Wrong LEC stands for Light Emitting Ceramic also known as Ceramic Metal Halide :wink: they require ballast and are HID lights they have a colour rendering index in the 90’s so were used quite often in malls and places where colour matters. They used to be bulky magnetic ballasts but are now nice little digital and even dimable they produce full spectrum light hence high CRI and being metal halide family lots of UV when I say lots I mean lots enough to need sunscreen if you hang out for too long lmao

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