Switch to LEDs after using sodium lights

From a fellow grower: If you have been growing a plant under high pressure sodium lights for two months, can you switch it over to LED lights to finish the growth process?

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Yes, I will assume that the LED is an upgrade in intensity and if so you might need to ease your plants in by dimming and gradually increasing the LED intensity or by hanging high up and gradually lowering. Good luck!


Alot of people who grow with hooded fixtures also see a major decrease in daily temperatures depending on the quality of LED you switch to. So be prepared for the loss of heat as well.

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That’s an excellent point! Mind that the temps don’t dip too low; however, lower temperatures, especially at the flowers, should help the plant finish with more flavorful herb. Or maybe I should say “distinctly” flavored herb.

Actually plants under LED do better between 80 to 85. And that’s all the way through to the end of flower as well.

That’s news to me. Can you define “better?”

Spiderfarmer SF2000 or SF4000 all the way! Amazing lights.

Plants transpiration rates are at their optimal levels at 80 degrees under LED lighting.