Switch to flowering tomorrow, what to expect

Hello all! I am planning to switch my plant to flowering tomorrow, I was wondering what I should expect out of my plant? How long until buds start to appear? And what changes I should make? I have posted a few times and you guys have been great! Really appreciate all your help so far!

I will be switching my light to 12/12 and switching my nutrients to fox farm tiger bloom once a week. Should I still be pruning my plant in flowering?


Expect the height of your plant to double if not triple, depending on strain. Make sure to defoliate the bottom 1/3-1/2 (including branches that will struggle against the others above to reach the light), again dependent on strain, to allow for proper air flow and circulation to the lower part of the plant. Next, make sure you have the proper fertilizers (General Hydro, Fox Farms, Dutch, etc.) for your flowering cycle. Also, buy some bud booster fertilizer for your mid to mid-late flower cycle (4-6 weeks, again dependent on strain could be more) so your flowers plump up. Keep your temps within a reasonable range ( 70-86* F ) with lower temps at night cycle and no more, if possible, than a 10 degree temperature swing from night to day.


Buds will start to appear after or during the 2 week stretch ( first two weeks of flower)

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Get the Fox Farm Beastie Bloomz for your bud booster. Well worth it. Prune your plant every 5-7 days for the first 3 weeks of flower.

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This is only my second grow but once in flower the insects showed up both grows! Fungus gnats and spider mites. I would suggest reading up on proactive and reactive approaches for pests just in case.

Watch for male parts. It hasn’t happened to me but I read a lot of grow journals where plants become hermaphrodites due to some kind of stressor or genetics.

Make sure you have everything you need for harvesting. Trimmer scissors, a tub for a good rinse, a place to hang and dry, and jars/bags for curing.

That’s all I can come up with but there are members with much much more experience than me that will have more wisdom to share.


Welcome. Ive notice usually about 7 to q0 days from flip and i start noticing pistil popping out or balls whichever may be the case lol. As syated when time come make sure u are prepped for any kind of disaster that may occur here or there. Trim buckets get expensive i myself use brand new cat litter boxes from walmart they r large and only cost 3 to 5 bucks vs 15 to 20. Scissors ur gonna want atleast 5 diff pairs and a bowl.of alcohol to keep tips clean lol. Scissora r the moat important part of trimming lol. They get sticky super fast. Cheap clippers work but more expensive is the way to go the materials are way better and seem to not get buildup as fast as the cheaper kind do. Other than ots a joy to grow these plants lol


Welcome to the community ! 7 to 10 days you should see plants starting to flower after flip. I like to stick with the veg nutes to support the stretch stage then swap over Bloom nutes. Just my thoughts good luck.


Thanks everyone!

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How long do you stick with veg nutes before going to flowering nutes? 2 weeks?


Yes, 10-14 days after flowering starts .


You won’t get rid of your Fox Farm veg nutes usage until about 6 weeks into flower ( I.E. keep using the Grow Big and Big Bloom if you are using the Trio package).

The plants will still crave the nitrogen from the Grow Big formula for the stretch, and the Big Bloom is a great source for cultivating a healthy soil base.

I will suggest that every two weeks you need to flush for 1-3 days seeing how the Fox Farm solution contains high concentrations of salts, which if left will slow growth of buds.

Did you receive a watering chart with your nutes? and if not, what soil are you growing in? I will send you the chart to go by if you need it. It should have come with a 12-20 page booklet to help with dosage rates and what nots.

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Fox farm ocean soil, didn’t come with a booklet…

Here are the closest soil feeding schedules in the booklet I can find for you. The first picture should be of Happy Frog feeding schedule and the second is a normal soil feeding schedule.

Remember, only do 1/4-1/2 the recommended dosage until the plant is asking for more. Over fertilizing will have adverse effects on your output.