Switch from GH to AN. Which ones do I get?

I am switching from General Hydroponics to Advanced Nutrients and need to know which ones do I buy. Of course, I do want Bud Candy.

Here is what I have been using:
GH Flora Series
GH CaliMagic
GH Liquid Kool Bloom
Supreme Grower’s Simply Silica

I recommend going organic for you and for the plant and the planet.
Many here can help you get there.

Isn’t Advanced Nutrients organic? They say so on their site: “With Advanced Nutrients Organic OIM line, you have nutrients for organic crop production. These ultra-premium, next generation Organic OIM supplements are the perfect solution to give your organic garden bigger, more consistent yields time after time. Put these breakthroughs to work for you today!”

I switched to gh maxiseries and have loved it from flora series

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Ask @dbrn32 he should know

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Some of their product is rated organic and others are not.

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Not all an stuff is organic. They have an organic line though, if you are specifically looking to stay organic I suggest locating that chart and reviewing the products suggested within it. I’m not familiar with their organic stuff though.

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While organic would be really nice the more I read the more I realize that organics seem to clog up the hydroponic lines. For this grow will continue what I am using. I thought it would be nice to go to Advanced Organics.

@Skydiver, yes, I am well aware of that. As far as helping the planet. My husband has six wind farms under his belt that he not only was part of pre-planning and building but running (owner operator not contractor building), and the most ambitious project ever he has been part of broke ground this year. He has been in the business since 1996 when most companies were not brave enough to go there. 90% vegan, doing everything we can to reduce the carbon footprint at home. That said, going 100% organic is not feasibly possible at this moment with all aspects of our lives but we do what we can to make a difference. Gave up motorcycling for more earth friendly activities as long distance running, trail clearing, gave up my beloved Ziplock for silicone ones, my Shop paper towels for rags, I have even started buying pretty much all my clothing at thrift and resale stores, not that I can’t afford new, it is just nice to be able to do this one thing and find a pair of $200 Rocking Rodeo jeans for like new for $22 at Plato’s.

This weekend I was lucky enough to get out, with this pandemic I have literally gone no where other than the trails I run, and see some crane work going on in early morning hours, 4 AM he was overseeing. Then take a great day time photo out there.

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That’s awesome what your doing to help.
Didn’t realize you were growing hydro.
More challenging to go organic with hydro but I do believe there are products out there for hydro but I’m a soil grower so I’m not sure.

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I grow in the AutoPot system and since it is my first hydroponic I am not sure if or how it might differ from “hydroponics” :smiley: AutoPot says to not use organic as it can clog the lines but I was hoping I could find something organic that would work.

I made the most basic rookie mistake with it though and spent yesterday siphoning off the reservoir water and having to clean it down and start all over. I cannot even tell you why I thought this was a good idea to add Super Kelp to the tank. But it became this black sludge and the pump was kicking up weird flakes. I had put some in a jar and let it set and it didn’t settle. All I can think of is that it interacted with one of the GH nutes. I did swipe a finger across the valve base at each plant and there was no gunk so hoping it didn’t get into lines. Water level was down this morning so they are still drinking.

Oh, the label on the Super Kelp did say it was hydroponic safe.

Have you considered Jack’s nutrients? It is extremely affordable. I know it’s not organic, but…

I wish the rest of the world world pitch in in making a difference as much as the US has.

Good luck! :v: :+1: :sunglasses:

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Haven’t used that but maybe after mixing it you need to strain it before adding? You can make your own using kelp meal and soaking it and then straining it before use if growing hydro-ish.

@Skydiver It does but it does settle. And AutoPot was pretty clear to not do any organics as they mess it up. I really am not real clear why they are like this and other hydroponic systems are not. But I have not ever looked into another system. It is frustrating for sure. I am wondering if the Super Kelp had some sort of reaction to the GH nutes. (I do put one thing in at a time, stir well before I move to the next thing.) I tell ya, growing for me seems like this one long science/chemistry experiment. :rofl:

@spyonyou I have not heard of that one. I do use the FF stuff on the one in the a Soft Pot. I am always thinking “how can I cash in on this cannabis market with something needed and a big seller” maybe organics for hydroponics! Our family dream would be to have a nice production greenhouse for commercial sell to dispensaries. Alas, it seems like that takes loads of money and the whole licensing, etc. that it makes it hard for us average Joe’s and Jill’s to get into this.

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I used GH in coco but switched to Jack’s when I went to hydro (water).
A lot of folks on here are switching to Jack’s 321. It’s cheap and easy.

You mix
3.69 gr/gal of Part A
2.44 gr/gal of Part B
And 1 - 1.2 gr/gal of Epson salt

The order of mixing is Part A, (stir) then mix in the Epson salt, (stir) then add Part B. (stir).

That’s it. From seedling to harvest. Easy as 123 or 321…lol :v: :+1: :sunglasses:

There are a lot of folks on here that can probably steer you in the right direction for that if needed.

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Yea I’m not sure as I don’t grow in anything but living soil not till etc and stay away from all the man made nutrients and bottled stuff.
All the crazy things people need to do to check this and check that etc kinda goes away when growing as nature intended. Easier on my wallet and on the environment. Yep I love to hug trees haha

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Maybe @TDubWilly can help you out. I think he went organic.

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Our environment is so incredibly harsh that it makes growing outside a massive challenge. For two years in a row I tried outside and both times high winds stripped the leaves, and sandblasted them, too, at 70 mph. Then last part of September last year it went from 72 degrees to 8 degrees overnight in an unprecedented freeze that came out of nowhere. I may try and autoflower next year as they are faster. I noted summer before last on trail run that the high that day was 52 degrees. Anyone who can grow outside I tip my hat to!

I don’t mind the checking etc as I love chemistry. It stays stable though. I just check pH every morning and really do not get any drift. It gives me something to do. This quarantine keeps me at home. I do run about 20-30 miles a week but all I see are horses and cows. Which is okay with me. But the tent grow has been fun. It is actually a bit boring this grow as I can’t fiddle with the autoflowers like I did with the photoperiods. :weary:

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Yea I’ve grown inside in tents almost exclusively. No till and organic

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