Swiitching to blooming nutrients

No. 0-1-2 or 0-1-3 is: No grow, 1 part micro, 2 parts or 3 parts bloom. If you use 1-2-3 at full strength, then your solution will be too strong and cause issues.

If you use 1-2-3 recipe, you will have to adjust ml per gallon of concentrate.

Since 1-1-1 = 8ml of each part (recommended on bottle) 24ml total which comes to approx. 1200 ppm

1-2-3 would be:
4ml grow
8ml micro
12ml bloom

In my res both formulas would = approx. 1200 ppm

@ latewood Ok, i’m going with 0-1-3, and see what i get , hey, thanks alot . i just want to get a good harvest after all this time , we’ll see.

Damn dude…My bad brother yea I was off base definatley thanks for clarifying