Swiitching to blooming nutrients

@latewood This is what my white widow fem look like after 2 weeks of transition… Do you think she’s ready for blooming stage nutrients? I’m using flora 3 par with calimagict, if so do go full strength or modify to half strength to start .and how much calimagic?


@latewood Forgive me. when I’m posting I always seem to forget something I want to ask. What should my PH level range be (using soil)? My humidity ranges from 32%to 41%, temp 77 to 82 degrees.

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Using soil your ph should be 6.3-6.9 as for switching to bloom nutrients, do it slowly don’t hit them full blast on the first go less is better. You want to slowly ease them out of their veg nutrients so they don’t go into a deficiency at flower time, that’s the worse time possible in a grow to get a deficiency.

Humidity for flower should be roughly 40-50% I’m late flower humidity will be fine around 40-50% humidity. As for full strength half strength, usually split the difference of what the bottle says (for example if it says 1 tsp than start her at 1/4-1/2 tsp to st art her off for the first few weeks, then slowly increase every other week). I typically only feed my plants once a week some once every other week, so my opinion would be feed once a week so it’s not over done causing toxic build ups in the soil.

Hope this helps, happy growing my friend best of luck.

Ps…ph for soil 6.6 is perfect

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Awsome looking plant. Well spaced out. Wish mine were like yours. Great job.

@Majiktoker Do i water between feeds or let the once a week feed be for watering to

You want to water when the plant needs it as usual.

Water when needed maybe once inbetween feeding but only if it needs it.

consider - feeding 2-3 x's per week with just water days and some dry days. Do you want a schedule ? example  feed water feed dry feed water dry or feed water dry feed water dry feed (all for  7 day cycle) Your dry periods help the plant use all available nutrients and also help prevent nutrient lock-out which is a common issue in turn the plant really grow . Some folks use a 2-3 day dry period. Green House seeds uses a 7 day dry period for their test grows's

What ppm strength are you running now?

If you add 5ml (1 tsp.) of each part per gallon, what is your ppm?

I would be running approx. 1000-1200 ppm 1-1-1 (equal amounts of each part until I got to this level of nutrient strength)


I reread and edited this for you. :slight_smile: For re:

In a couple weeks or so, after you see a darker green color in your plants; *You could switch to 0-1-2 (Lucas formula). No grow, 5-8ml of micro, and 10-16ml of bloom per gallon.

*Might be a good idea to keep using 1-1-1 until tops are as green as the rest of the canopy.

Keep PH at 6.5-7.0 Temps and RH are in an acceptable range. :slight_smile:

@latewood So what you’re saying is my next feed, i should feed 1micro,1grow 1bloom. Do this for a couple of weeks then switch to Lucas formula for remainder of flowering stage, until last 2 weeks before harvest,flush and just phed water.

@latewood I’m just making sure I understand you, because I don’t want to mess this one up now. This is my second try, my first turned out to be a male, that I got rid of. Thanks for your help.

Yes, pretty much. You can use 1-1-1 for as long as you want.

I did not say to flush. That is a decision for you to make.

Overall; If you do as you posted, you will be fine. :slight_smile:

p.s. reread my post above. I clarified it a bit…

@latewood Here is what my white widow fem looks like after 26 days in flower
nutrients: GH flora grow 3part system, Cali-Magic, 1-1-1-1
soil: yes
PH: feed 6.7, runoff 6.4
temp and humidity: 75-82 degress, 32-40%humidity
lighting: Cfls 12 23 watts 1600 lumens 2700k

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I am thinking about the idea of using 0-1-2 in a soil grow might not work as well, as .5-1-2

In soil grows, it takes longer for the plant to process the nutrients. With that said; I believe you may want a bit more Nitrogen in soil as opposed to a hydro grow.

I plan on discussing this with the team tonight in our team conference. Will get back to you on this. Also; I think some of your issue may be due to using those CFL’s and the way they are placed. For discussion; It is possible that the light provided in not intense enough to cause the plant to uptake nutrition efficiently*.

  • I have experienced similar issues when experimenting with lighting, as you are. Years ago I used many 40-45 watt CFL’s on rails and Maybe I will dig up a pik one day and share it… This is one of “my”. I can see it and I believe it, I didn’t read it, but, I am pretty sure, kind of “things”; “Your plants seem to crying out for light energy to convert into their own.” You need some real lamps :sunglasses:

What do you think? I will bring this up with the Boys tonight also. Later, lw


@latewood Right now i don’t know what to think , i’m confused as to what you’re suggesting for me to do. This is my plan for feeding,i’m going to feed the blooming formular, 1-2-3 but cut it down to half .5 1-1.5, for the next couple of feeds. As far as my lights, i’m on fixed income so i can’t just go out and change my lights and what do you mean by real lamps. if you’re talking hsps, leds, what you think would be good (reasonably priced), for a 4x3x6 space 1plant at a time. .

Hps is a good light though hps is usually used in flower it can be used in any stage of growth. Amazon has one for $150 I believe it is a 400 watt, also if I’m not mistaken you can get an air cooled ballast and light for 200-$250 I believe l.

What @latewood was saying about the nutrients and npk level is that likely with a higher nitrogen level in soil it would do better than a nutrient with no nitrogen. As he mentioned soil takes longer for nutrients to be used into the roots. Being said a nutrient with 1-2-3 or even 2-5-5 would work great vs a nutrient with 0-1-1. And as allowed to hydro it will take up nutrients within 24-48 hours I believe soil takes upwards of any where from 1-2 weeks to use the nutrients in soil.

In soil they atleast need somewhat of nitrogen being added to them simply because it will help the plant notice it’s there and also keep every thing balanced, being said your growing in soil I wouldn’t cut nitrogen entirely off of make sure it still had some what of nitrogen entering the roots

Sorry MT. You are completely off base. Members is talking about sing 1-2-3 which means 1 part grow, 2 part micro (a bad idea since plant only takes up the amount of micro it needs and “1” part instead of 2 is all plant needs. wasting nutrients.), and 3 is 3 parts of bloom.

I believe you meant 2-5-5 as a ratio, and we are not discussing ratios. Thanks for trying to help.

Well fella, We will be watching to see how it turns out for you. Good luck and Happy growing.


@ latewood The ratio for blooming is 1-2-3 which i cut in have for now, plan on going to original formular on my next feed, but are you recommending no micro 1 part grow,and 3part bloom