Swept up in the northern gas and power scam!

as some of u may remember, i was building a nice 5 light room over the winter and suddenly stopped posting a few mos back. heres what happened. in December as i was moving in, things where changing in Mainers electric bills.unless a customer responded to a mailed notification and locked in a rate, your rate went variable (based on current market value) (i.e. total B.S.!) the problem was thousands of us never received this supposed notification. and in my situation being a new customer, why wasnt i offered a rate lock as i signed up my new service??? im seeing it all over the news and i think a class action law suit is forming. long story shory, i was seeing $300 bills over the winter with just one light running and didnt dare power all the lights up. im now locked on a rate and ready to grow, but the prime winter growing indoor has passed and i have started my outdoor grow now. stay tooned this fall for my first real indoor grow here :slight_smile:


That sux but atleast it’s getting taken care of best of luck with your outdoor garden and your indoor when you can make it