Sweetie & Mallory SSH Auto Winter Tent Grow


@70sChick uses the bags on the seedlings…works great!


Been more then a couple of days, definitely time for an update. Lately been busy living in fast forward.

I truly was going to upload some pictures of Mallory Day 2 but every one of them came out blurry lol. After checking out the disappointing photos i figured i must have touched one of the clones with the camera lens lol. Camera is now clean.

Here are some wonderfully blurry pics of Mallory Day 2 for humor’s sake. She’s a tad smaller than her sister.:

Ok here’s a nice one for Mallory’s Day 3.


Sweetie Day 5


With those beautiful personalized name tags they will want to grow for you :grinning: Seriously though, I’d say you’re off to a good start :+1:


I agree @SmoknGranny they look so perfect in the beginning. :smile:


Yep :+1: just like puppies and kittens and baby alligators :rofl:


Looking good @DoomSack So pretty and green :seedling::seedling::sunglasses:


Sweetie is on Day 15. This cold weather is slowing everything down. Mallory is on Day 17


But in addition, a side note. don’t keep the ziplock bags on too long. I did this time. I was under the assumption it was going to be dry cold winter but it’s a wet cold winter so humidity inside the bags started other forms of life. Too much moisture just about choked out these two.
Did an emergency transplant to final 3 gallon containers. I think off the top of my head it was day 12-13 and I should have removed those bags at day 7-10.i observed the seed starting mix had the beginnings of moss on the surface plus the beginnings of mold at the base of the stem of Sweeties removed seed shell casting.


It’s depressing to see things come to a schreeching halt but winter did just that. Winter came and crippled then crippled again, and finally killed them. Extreme temps, and lack of light did not help. I really needed a break though. Until I can get a stable enclosed and insulated place its doomed. pretty much failure, but here’s a little early flight videos to cheer anyone up.


I’m so sorry :neutral_face: This winter weather has been awful but SPRING will be here before we know it :+1:


Yes, definitely, Spring is going to be great. No worries @SmoknGranny


I hate to hear that @DoomSack
Hopefully we get a early spring… This winter is a harsh one for sure