Sweetie & Mallory SSH Auto Winter Tent Grow


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To begin we are about to fast forward thru some initial things I do at the start of every grow.

First I soaked the two Super Silver Haze Auto seeds for 12 hours in the dark.

Then I placed them onto a moisten paper towel which i placed inside a ziplock plastic bag in the dark for another 12-24 hours.
Sweetie was up first with a tail and Mallory went back into the dark for another 12 hours.

Two day ago Sweetie was placed into seed starting potting mix. A ziplock bag was placed over her to keep the humidity up.

This morning Mallory’s tail came up and she was put into the same seed staring mix.


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Sweetie and Mallory are currently inside the tent crowded with clones that are finishing up.

Sweetie emerged to the surface first yesterday.

Day 2 for Sweetie.


Hope you don’t mind me lurking and learning in the background :grinning:


i don’t mind at all @SmoknGranny :laughing:




So the plan is to harvest those clones to make room for these seedlings. lol I could not squeeze anything else in there lol.


Looking good @DoomSack Starting of new seeds is so exciting!


@AnneBonny pretty excited, and hoping for the best.


have you not been takin’ your elixer @SmoknGranny?
your eye is a twitching ! lol


thanks for the tag @DoomSack i will be watching!


Just a little sip now and then :crazy_face:


Looking awesome, keep up the good work. Will follow along.:+1:t3:


Looking good @DoomSack thx for the tag.


Haven’t heard from you in awhile… lol :wink:
Glad to see you up and running… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I’ll be following as well @DoomSack these auto flowers are still a bit of a mystery to me.


They’re off to a great start! The baggie dome is a nice touch and works great, doesn’t it! @DoomSack


It works great, I don’t have to mist (water) as often.


Mallory has broken out of the soil and has emerged. Day 1 starts today for her. Picture to come. I tapped on the plastic bag to sort of clear the condensation accumulated on the bag. The moisture looks good in there so i don’t want to mess with a good thing. If i pull the bag for a photo i’m thinking it’s like burping a jar but in this case i want to keep the moisture. We will see her tomorrow. Give her this day to spread her first leaves.
From with blurriness of the plastic it appears that both SSH have successfully unpacked from their shells and they aren’t being hampered by them.


Pretty lil baby girl @DoomSack! Thanks for tagging me!


I will be watching. :sunglasses: