Sweet Seeds Mystery Run

What up family. I’ve been running a few autos and plan to finish the run with some photos before resetting. With that being said I popped 3 Seeet Seed beans off the 10 pk from Seedsman. Wondering if anyone has a good guess on what these might be? The third pheno stalled so I pulled her.


I might be really high, but they look like weed to me. Any distinguishing smell?


:rofl::rofl::rofl: it better be or ima fight someone lol. The first is extremely dank, candy and citrus. The second JUST now between yesterday and today started smelling which is unusual to me because I usually get nice terps prior to flower. Still, the second is more skunk dirt kinda smell. I posted this like man it looks a lot like all my green who the hell gonna know but…I figured if anyone has stuck with sweet seeds any length of time maybe they’d know. I’m hoping I get some of their purple or red strains but honestly idk about these.

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The way the second one is stacking might also be an indicator idk. Thinking out loud.

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I’ve got 2 clones taken from the same Mumma, but they look completely different, one has started stacking nicely, the other seems to be growing like a sativa, both I love them both equally.

P.S that was a lot harder to type than it should have been :joy:

Yeah I ran two strawberry cheesecakes a month or so ago and believe it or not I actually hated #1 which yielded more. It’s a bit too spacey for me even for a sativa dominant. #2 though, perfect social high. I think my fave strain rn is Purple Punch. Very balanced.

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And such beautiful colours,
I have seen some photos on here.
In fact I think my brother @peachfuzz had grown
Purple Punch, if I’m not mistaken?..

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I saw a few videos about disappointment in trichome production and yield but then they kept growing it and I was like hmm…then I smoked some and was like :call_me_hand:t5:

Not to give him a big head, but everything Fuzz grows is dank.

One of my go-to guys if I need questions answered or advice.
These guys rock as well :metal:
@Oldguy @shindig153 @PurpNGold74 @repins12


You know that I got your six my friend, for sure :+1:

As an update the one mystery auto went pretty well in just a 2 gal. Chopped and hanging now. This second mystery plant from Seeet seeds was very interesting to grow. Got really hungry in week 4 and stalled a bit. Now I’m on week 10 and its ripening extremely fast, like 25% of the hairs that colored did so overnight. Planning to watch trichomes but I’m legit wondering if I should keep riding or consider starting to flush (I like very little amber in my buds). I was thinking 3 more weeks but after seeing some ripening between yesterday and today I’m thinking 2 weeks. Here she is. Also, think its safe to defoliate a bit? My humidity is running higher than I typically like.[20200717_124911|666x500]


@blackthumbbetty I know you’d have some good insight on this for me :call_me_hand:t5:

Any trich shots?

@PurpNGold74 what u think? Esp since I was using fish fertilizer for this as well and i know u had a hand in that once upon a time.