Swamp dirt for the grow?

Hey yall,

I have swamp on my property. The dirt/silt/muck… whatever… it is black and has some sand in it.

Has anyone ever used swamp dirt in their grow?

It’s pretty fine particles; should I mix 50/50, give or take, with cow poop?

Can you test the ph and tds of said swamp dirt? And, can the swamp dirt/cow poop mix be tested?


@OlyBoy98503 … you around with your muck?

He can get into details, but muck starts here. Very interesting grow, I enjoy it.

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A soil analysis is 20 to 25 dollars at tractor supply you might be good or you could have lots of bad stuff it could save you money for years or save you from what’s going on with my grow✌️

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Wow! I don’t freaking believe it. Ya. I do.

Pond muck (from near my house) and swamp muck (from Mudd Bay, kinda near my house).

I’m using it right now on my outdoor plants.

You’re ‘johnny on the spot’ today! lol

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That was my thought exactly. Been hanging in this forum as long as you, and first time I seen someone else mention muck.

I have my johnny on the spot moments :slight_smile:


Do you guys tds test you dirts?

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I don’t know if this interests anyone else. I googled how to do tds and ph test on soils. I am going to test:
Swamp muck alone.
Swamp muck & aged manure 50/50 blend.
The happy frog soil I bought.


Hellz yeah! This is my kind of project! Tag me in your grow!

Man has been dredging rivers lakes and ponds forever and spreading it upon crop fields. It’s old as the Egyptians who built the pyramids.

Test it, amend it, and I would kill any and all pests in it

What pests?

Almost all outdoor dirt that hasn’t been sterilized has some type of bugs in it. Kill all of it and put the good bugs back.

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Every few years I have to dig my duck pond out it’s about 30’x25’x4’ deep. I put all the spoils in my garden and mix it into the soil. I add peet and perlite and organic soil then let it sit for months before I use it. I water my garden with the pond water at least once a week.
I think the water from the swamp might be more beneficial in the long run.

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Thought I would share this.

Im sure you could use swamp dirt i would let it dry abit and mix it with coco coir with cow poop or chicken poo and you should be right or even mix it with organic potting mix