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So im gona be that person i guess since i couldn’t find the same question i have. How do we know if there is a user that well isnt actually a grower. You know. Iv seen one particular account, claiming to be a begginner, but are starting 15-25 seeds at once. Asking questions out of order of the grow cycle and when asking about products i dont know maybe its just me, but it seems different. Maybe its someone froma different countrt and its being translated. Just worndering cause ilgm and i love this site.


Matter of fact i just looked into it. They said o this is my first grow. Few post later iv had some great plants before. And things such as i have this strain this old few post later this strain this old. How this setup work with pic. Few post later what do u think about this with this light.
I keep wanting to say i hate to be this person, but i really dont. I cant stand a fake.


This being a free forum I would not presume to judge any one persons motives and this is a risk which is easily negated by not using your real name not being to descriptive of your location. I am not mistaken in stating that talking is not illegal and no one knows who has permits to grow or not unless the info is given freely relax being overly worried benefits no one. I can only say that if you don’t feel comfortable on the forum which is free and open to everyone don’t use it?
FYI I am both a new grower and an old grower I am new to hydro old to soil and shit changes lots I know lots of people who stop growing for years and start again and may as well be new with how much the science has improved :wink:


I had multiple homemade growboxes, a phototron and a few outside, and last adventure was a six by eight foot room with some nice ones. Got some old Polaroids of nice ones and I am feeling like a beginner now that I have so much invested in this venture. There was so much I didn’t know, I don’t know how I was as successful as I was.


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Ah ha. Thanks for investigating that.


Yes, and sometimes it is from a new member that doesn’t know how to start a post, or is so new they don’t yet have the normal permissions, but they can comment on another post made for them.

So,Claire – in the office, starts a post for them with their question which then we can try and start answering right away, and the new user can even comment on the new thread right away and add information to help us help them.

Happy browsing,



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That is a good explanation MacG, and PigS,

Actually; Calaire was started to do pretty much what you asll are describing but, to further elaborate. When ILGM was formed, Robert wanted to help those potential members who were afraid or inexperienced with forums, a chance to get their grow questions answered, so Robert provided “Claire” So, Robert offered anuyone the chance to email in their questions and not be on the forum.

They do, and in turn Claire posts them. This is how we actually have built so many memberships to this forum.

Have a great day all! Peace l;w