Surprised I don’t have zombies in my tent

I’ve got a staggered project going in my 4x4 auto tent and the youngest is 3 weeks in flower and the oldest is 7 and I was thinking about chopping her in a couple days. BUT FIRST let’s her some 0-50-30 beastie blooms then we’ll flush. So I make up a batch and decided I’d use a manual pump for her and her tote mate if you will. At a pretty ass kicking 2200 ppm (yes calibrated). So I pump and I drain and I pump and I drain thinking to myself “finish her” in my best mortal kombat voice in my head. For gits and shiggles I had the meter in my hand and went to the reservoir, mind you I have been just adding to her and I have (3) week three ladies in flower just putting it on. I just about sharted myself when it came up with 3400ppm like nothing is wrong. The two I’m about to chop a week or so apart are by far the beasts and have a wonderful fade going on and for whatever reason everyone else has been just stoked to go along for the monster nutrient ride. I’ll try to get the photos in correct order of , monster dark devil, just about to chop and some bushy blackberrys in green pheno.

Do I clean the res as I planned or just keep punishing these poor others.


I answered my own question and did the right thing by cleaning EVERYTHING. I’m curious what develops now.

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Kool buddy, thanks for the tag, very interesting, we’ll see what happens

Love the color of those buds! Very sexy

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I think the other plants are going to be angry now that they have to go back to drinking normal water :laughing:
As for these I think the beastie bloomz will punch them right into the finish line.
@TXCanna I’ve looked everywhere and never seen a pheno of the stardawg this purple

Them are some nice purple hues

Thought I might get some pink but never imagined this. Maybe she did it because she knows I love the purps. I wish our phones had a way to share the smells of our flowers.

I’d of punished that girl to till she O faced all over the tent. But that’s just me and my torturous ways


So boring being awake when the lights are off in your rooms. I just thought the others would appreciate a little ph cleaned water. Since they are all into week 3 I’ll just let her rip and add to her until I put some beans back in. There’s definitely good and bad with the perpetual stagger. My plan is to keep on with the 2200 ppm beastie blooms though. I’ll just keep redirecting the drain to a separate res and using my transfer pump to feed them. I did up the main res today to 1/4 tsp per gallon just to see how far I could push them. I’ll know that story this afternoon.

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2200ppm?!?!?!?! I thought a good range was 500-600!! Am I misinformed?? (Havent started growing yet, just reading and gathering supplies.)

In early veg with my autos I run about 800ppm. Transition I run about 1000 and early flower I kick it up to 1300. Being hydro and having VERY intense HLG lights and I’ve learned that you need to go with at least 1.5 times the standard NPK mainly in the form of phosphorus or it’ll lock out. When I was growing in soil my numbers were much lower because of build up. Also note I’m trying to shock my two about to finish up to get them to bulk up and get more resin in their final week.

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Aaaaaaah gotcha! So when I set up my DWC, I should plan on closer to 800ppm (too afraid to tamper too much lol)

You’ll end up pushing the envelope as you gain experience. There is a great set of resources and guidelines on this forum but in the end it’s your project and your plants will always speak to you. So much to learn and try to perfect and art which very few actually do.

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Dang dude, powerful words. Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

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Yup start lightly… then boost and boost and boost.

AK seeing as how most only showed slightly burned tips… ida kept them in that high ppm mix a bit longer. But wtf do i know :joy::rofl:. Solid call.