Surfr Seeds Point break and Star Pebbles x Trophy Wife

Hey all I’m finally at home and able to start a new journal. I already have the seeds in soil, they’ve started and look amazing. Estimated 2 weeks old now but not really sure when I planted them. I don’t remember the grow info format ticket so I’ll do my best to explain my set up.

I’m growing with the following

Gorilla grow tent 4x4 (DO NOT RECOMMEND)

Gorilla grow tent high CFM bars to stop the negative pressure from the in-line fan

FFOF soil

Mills brand nutes this run and I will be buying PowerSi flower this time and try that out.

I’m doing 15 plants, 10x Point Break regs and 5x Star Pebbles x Trophy Wife fems. Both made by surfr seeds.

I’ll be attempting a small pheno hunt this run to try and pick what ones to keep so hopefully I got cloning down lmao.

1x 255w BudgetLED series 2+ red spec (3500k for veg and flower) DO RECCOMEND (not yet put up)
1x 255w BudgetLED series 3+ full spec switch board with UV DO RECCOMEND
1x digital humidifier

1x dehumidifier when needed

1x 6"hurricane in-line exhaust fan for circulation
Connected to this is a 6" carbon filter by hurricane also for this fan.

3x 3" hurricane clip fans for more circulation

I’m probably forgetting something but that’s the majority.

I’m gonna tag everyone I can think of but y’all are more than welcome to tag more. I might not be super active but I’m trying very hard. Let’s get this one popping :pray::100:

I’m here for a good time and a good grow guys I missed y’all

My gals just woke up so they look droopy just ignore it they need a new home and some water then they’ll perk up.

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Unfortunately our brother @TDubWilly is no longer with us, he will have to watch and help from above and beyond,tho I’m sure he’s happy to follow along!! All the love brother Tim!


@Hoppiefrog I’m so sorry to hear that. May he rest in peace :pray: we’ll grow one for him.


Well said my friend :facepunch:! Mind if I post a song for us in his honor?


@Hoppiefrog that would be awesome man go ahead


He was a loving special fella


@Hoppiefrog great song to pick to man. At least he’s in a good place :pray: love going out to all :heart:


That’s all he ever wanted!


Curious as to why you recommend this light. I am considering 2 of them for my for my 3x6 closet.
Have you started and completed a grow using it?
Also why you recommend the 250W red spec. I have a HLG 260 rspec. Budget vs HLG?
I’ll be using the two new lights and the HLG in the new closet.
my 3x3 gorilla tent is great

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@beardless they were cheaper than HLG lights with very very similar specs. You can get the 600w for like 599 and it’s almost the same light specs as HLG and it’ll more than cover the room. Its adjustable from 5w to 255w I would reccomend the series 3+ full spec switch boards. Only problem I’ve ran into is heat they do get hot. I ran 1 of them (the series 2+red spec) in the 4x4 for my purple haze grow and had an avg of 98gs per plant. My last grow was trash because of genetics and other issues but I’ve enjoyed the lights and customer service

They also have cupon codes that you can use to get them cheaper. I would say go for the protective coating but it’s got like a 3 or 4 year warranty on it too

Looking good so far. And freaking TDubWilly hell of a guy.


Too bad they are no longer cheaper. You can build an hlg 260 for about ~250-270 right now. $185 for two 288 with heatsink. $42 for driver. Wires. Not exactly the hlg 260 since the driver I’d buy personally is a mean well. Cheaper than the inventronics that comes in the kit, not enough of a difference to matter. The mean wells are more efficient on 240, inventronics are more efficient on 120. Neither enough to matter.


Thanks -
I like the veg / flower switch (although it makes me think blurple) and UV on/off. It makes sense to do it this way vs trying to blend a spectrum for start to finish. ECO FARM in Canada has a similar light with same Samsung diodes, MW driver etc.
@Budz you are right about $$. The 260 if bought was $315 after DUDE discount.
Budget also has 10% with BUDGETCREW10
ps @Hello777hi I have four purple haze in my 3x3 now. These girls like to grow…
The two taller ones are in front


@beardless this is also basically a 260 too. The price I was talking about. With no discount code used.

Driver price is on eBay. Most places it’s 70-80.
Ofc the discount code will only apply to the $185 this way. Still about $100 less to build it yourself.if you have all the wires on hand already and use the discount code I bet it is slightly over $100 less than $315. This means you can get a 250w hlg for less than a spider farmer or mars “equivalent” till they sell out or go up in price anyway.

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Thanks I have a build list for the 260 from PharmerBob
Add a couple wagos, some wire and potentiometer (MW - B) and you have a new light

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I’m not that fancy. If I used more than one I’d just daisy chain the main powers or send a braid out from a driver bank. That driver has built in adjustment/dimming, I don’t need a remote. Just as simple as possible and efficient.

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@beardless the driver on these are meanwell like @Budz was talking about. Still though I would recommend the budgetleds, the switch board is not blurple (I was told to stay far away from blurple) it’s White light with red and then white light with blue and UV for veg.

Here’s the ones I paid for. (Rated for up to a 4x4 space.)

HLG switched to inventronics in February-March. They used mean well last year. And got their official deal with Samsung. Which is why I’m assuming the boards and heatsinks are so much cheaper now. Boards at least anyway. Samsung makes the 288s 100%, board and led. All hlg does is slap components together.

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